Backwards Quiz at Påtaget

Backwards Quiz at Påtaget

17. oktober 2019 kl. 19:00
Backwards Quiz at Påtaget
// Information:

The venue opens at 19.00, and the quiz will start at 19.00.

A special kind of quiz, so that people dont think “oh boy, just another quiz”, this is going to be hard to wrap your head around, but its fun, now its time to test it with the public and thats you guys.

You can be alone or up to a maximum of 4 people pr. team and spend time together to talk about each little assignment (yes, assignment, thats right, it isnt an ordinary quiz). Also, you will have an oppertunity to get to know new people, we all love friendships.

This quiz night is held in the english language.

There will be 2 rounds with 5 answers/questions in each.

// Theme:

This evenings theme is “Sports & Games”.

// Entry:

While entrance to the venue is free, there is a small fee for each participating team, which is set to dkr. 10,- pr. participant.

// Prizes: (Sponsored by PåTaget)

* 1st place win a bottle of Raastof shots.
* 2nd place wins 1 Tuborg draftbeer pr. teammember.
* The worst team will get 1 shot pr. teammember.

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