Bhaal Fest 2.0 : Hiraki x OXX x Dead Witch

Bhaal Fest 2.0 : Hiraki x OXX x Dead Witch

1. marts 2019 kl. 19:00
Bhaal Fest 2.0 : Hiraki x OXX x Dead Witch
Doors open at 20.00 // first band from 21.00
Entrance kr. 80,- // Earplugs kr. 10,- // Cloakroom kr. 10,-

// Hiraki (Agressive Post Rock) (DK/Århus)

With froth around the mouth, Hiraki sing, screams and recite their way through texts about kafkan individualism, proletarian narcicism and narrowminded upperclass-modernism – nothing less!

The result is a sound universe combined by anything from bombastic guitars, crunching 80’ies synth and blasting drums – over to stacked hymns driven by drilling oscillators, hardcore grooves and progressive riffs.

// Oxx (Avantgarde Sludge Metal) (DK/Århus)

A trio from Jutland that through careless use of guitars, drumsticks, saxophone, synth, lacerated vocal cords – tear their way through mathrock, sludge, noise, crust, avantgarde and whatever else genre you can imagine.

Clusterfuck-core is possibly a decent definition of the genre, but if you have a hard time to imagine it, its recommended to get blind drunk in absinth and beat yourself to a pulp with a Thomas Pynchon novel, then you will have an idea what to expect.

// Dead Witch (Nordic Hardcore) (DK/Odense)

Sonically founded in the roots of hardcore, Dead Witch have a distinct nordic sound, while drawing from stoner metal, doom, and post-metal.

The human condition and all flavors of present day fundamentalism are treated with a healthy dose of disdain in the lyrics.

// Dj Druid (US)

Destruction derby? No? The music never stops. Ever. Deal with it!

This event is hosted together with Foreningen Kultur Påtaget

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